About the Japanese Flower Business

The Advanced Cultivation
Tecniques and Breeding
Technology of Japanese
Floriculture 日本の高度な花き栽培技術と育種開発技術

ln response to various customer needs, the flower and plant growers of Japan in corporate inventive cultivation techniques to suit the regional climates, perform selective breeding of various species, and strive daily to differentiate themselves from other producers.

National and regional floriculture competitions are actively held in Japan. In addition to seed companies and public research institutions, there are over l,000 individual breeders developing new cultivars. As a result, over2,000 items and 40,000 or more cultivars of flowers are commercially produced and distributed. Everyyear, 2,000 new cultivars are introduced. Japan has become a country like no other in the world.

Moreover, public research institutes use advanced techniques such as biotechnology, mutation by radiation and genetic modification technology in the pursuit of breeding innovations.